Friday, January 9, 2009

Calling all models...

JWORK Limited, the hottest clothing line out of the Midwest, will be having a photo shoot in San Diego, CA on January 24th 2009 for the 5 Star Lifestyle Campaign. The photo shoot will be featured on the www., magazines, and various avenues of advertising.

Auditions will be held on January 23rd from 3pm to 7pm in the lobby of the 500 West Hotel on 500 West Broadway in San Diego, CA 92101.Auditions are open for men and women of all nationalities (18+) in promotion of the diverse style of JWORK Limited. JWORK Limited is an exclusive lifestyle brand tailoring to the finest and most fashion forward men and women across the globe.

For more information and to send your most updated portfolio, email Brandi Walker at 614-746-9085 or Darrel Hunter at 614-207-2342.

***Also please forward along this information who you may think might be interested in this opportunity***


JuJu said...

heeeyyy ma!!! it was so good meeting you this past weekend; stay in touch ;)

x0x. JuJu.

Ms. Mary (D.O.O) Jwork Limited said...

Hey Woman!!! I had a great time out there in San Diego. Thanks for all the hook ups. Just let me know when you come to columbus I'll make sure to give you the vip treatment...Oh yea by the way...Dude your blog is complicated lol I tried to post comments but couldn't lol